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At East Highland Dental, we offer emergency dental care. We are focusing on your tooth pain relief and teeth preservation. So if you're currently suffering from pain or damaged teeth, give our office a call. Let our trustworthy and experienced dentist save you an emergency room trip.

Why Does Someone Need A Root Canal?

The main reasons you will need a root canal is to stop the pain and to save a tooth. Your teeth can become infected. When the infection arrives, it can spread to the tooth center, also known as the dental pulp. Your dental pulp houses many sensitive nerves, connective tissues, and blood vessels. So if bacteria can penetrate this area, a lot of pain will come about. When this occurs, immediate treatment is the best course of action.

What's Considered A Dental Emergency?


Dental Emergencies can potentially be life-threatening that need immediate attention. Examples would be excessive teeth bleeding, severe pain, trauma, and or infections. Rest assured, if you need urgent dental care, East Highland Dental is here to help.


Why We Provide Emergency Dental Care


Dr. Shah offers emergency dental care to ensure that Highland residents and the surrounding mountain communities get proper treatment. Receiving appropriate treatment promptly is critical for painting oral health. Many times, dental emergencies arise from infection. These issues require fast treatment to prevent tooth pain and loss from spreading infection. 


Why Seeing Emergency Dentist Is Better Than ER


Doctors in the ER are skillful with medical emergencies, not dental ones. ER doctors are more than capable of handling any emergency symptoms such as bleeding and pain. They can't address the origin of your dental emergency. Dental care isn't their specialty. Often, patients go to the ER and receive treatment; they are instructed to see a dentist. So visiting an emergency dentist from the start is always the best course of action. If you're in Highland or the surrounding communities, see us instead to save money and a trip to the ER.


What Procedures Do Emergency Dentists Help With


At Dr. Shah's office, our team provides many helpful dental treatments. We can deal with a variety of emergency issues. Our office offers truly comprehensive dental care for the Highland community. East Highland Dental can help with the following:


Damage / Trauma:

A typical dental emergency that can lead to tooth loss without proper care. Accidents and unforeseen trauma can happen at any time. Whether it's a slip and fall or hit in the face by an object, these occurrences can dislodge teeth.


Fortunately for patients, dislodged teeth from trauma are salvageable. The key is timely treatment by a dentist. First, if the tooth is out, place it in a cup or bag with milk. Second, immediately head to the urgent dental care office. The bleeding and pain will be treated, and the dentist will decide if the tooth can be saved.


Cracked/Chipped Teeth

Many different scenarios can lead to a cracked or chipped tooth. Some people love to chew on ice or eat lots of hard foods like nuts. Others might suffer from TMJ and experience excessive teeth grinding at night. All these types of things lead to excess pressure and wear on your teeth. Eventually, as we age, our teeth weaken and will give out to this pressure.


Severe Toothaches/Pain

Outside of trauma, severe tooth pain can arise either from wisdom teeth or infection. When this type of pain comes, it can last for several hours to even days. 


So severe tooth pain requires the expertise of a skilled dentist. Our emergency dentist can accurately diagnose the problem and perform the treatment. So whether it's a crowded wisdom tooth that needs an extraction or an inflamed tooth that requires a root canal, our emergency dentist can help.


Lost Fillings

Believe it or not, losing your dental fillings can be a dental emergency. While it might seem harmless, lost fillings can lead to pain and inflammation. The reason is that bacteria can now contact and infect the sensitive areas of your tooth protected by the filling. 


Crown Falling Off

Losing a crown or having it fall off is not a good thing for your tooth. Crowns act as a natural protector for a weak or vulnerable tooth. If the crown is gone, your tooth has lost its protection and is more susceptible to damage.


Dental Abscess

If you notice a pimple all of a sudden on your gums, this is a dental abscess. The cause is a bacterial infection that's broken through your enamel and penetrated your inner tooth. This will lead to pain and inflammation. Left untreated, you can suffer tooth loss or have the infection spread. Call an emergency dentist immediately if you see an abscess.


How To Choose The Right Emergency Dentist


With awareness of what dental emergencies are and what needs treating, the last step is finding the best dentist. There are a few essential factors to help guide you to good emergency dental care. They are:


Reputation: With many five star reviews, East Highland Dental has cultivated a good reputation with many patients. Your comfort and satisfaction is always a top priority.


Accessibility: With weekend and late evening appointments, our emergency dental office is ready to help you fast. We help ensure your wait for excellent dental care is never long or drawn out.


Facilities and Quality of Care: East Highland dental utilizes the latest in dental tech. Our team also ensures a safe and sanitary environment. When you see us, you will be getting nothing but the very best from our team.


So call us today if you have a dental emergency. We have many ways to help get you out of pain. Thank you for choosing East Highland Dental.

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